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Company Formation Serbia



Company Formation Services in Nis

Updated on Tuesday 24th September 2019

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Company-Formation-Services-in-Nis.jpgNis is part of the Nisava District and the third largest city in Serbia. Due to its rich culture and history, Nis has a well-developed tourism sector which offers a wide range of business opportunities. In matters of company formation in Serbia, we can offer complete guidance and information for both local and foreign investors in compliance with the Companies Act and the Commercial Code. Our specialists in company incorporation in Serbia are at your disposal as soon as you decide for business in this country.

Setting up a company in Nis

Nis is one of the oldest cities in Europe and an attractive destination for numerous foreigners interested in having operations in Serbia. Investors can open limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships, joint stock companies or can perform activities like sole traders in Nis. The preferred business form is the limited liability company which has a simple registration procedure through the Serbian Trade Register and the local office in Nis. The Articles of Association are the main documents of a company and these contain complete information about the owners, the business address, the legal representative, the activities, the share capital and the board of managers. In order to smooth the registration process in Nis, we suggest you address to our company formation agents in Serbia, as our advisors can help you with the documents preparation and the application for tax purposes. Below you can find additional information about the registration process of a DOO in Serbia:
  1. A name verification and reservation are mandatory prior to the incorporation procedure of a DOO.
  2. At least one shareholder can establish a DOO in Serbia.
  3. EUR 1 is the minimum share capital for opening a DOO in Serbia.
  4. Once the licenses and permits are obtained, the registration of the company can go further.

Company formation services we can offer in Nis

If you want to start a company in Serbia and especially in Nis, we suggest you address your inquiries to our team of consultants who can help you in any matter. Likewise, foreigners can set up companies in Nis by using a traditional office or can benefit from virtual office services on request. Please feel free to consider the following company formation services we can offer for you in Nis:
  • support when drafting the Articles of Association with the related authorities;
  • tax advice and planning;
  • help with licenses and permits application;
  • business consulting;
  • accounting services on request;
  • legal services with the help of our local lawyers.


Can I establish a branch in Nis?

Yes, large companies from abroad can easily establish branches in Nis, Serbia, if several conditions and requirements are respected. For instance, the decision of opening a branch in Serbia needs to be drafted by the foreign companies and delivered to the Trade Register in Nis, alongside the Articles and the Memorandum of Association, all these translated and notarized. A branch in Nis will only develop the activities of the parent company and will report to that company only. Our company formation services also address to those investors wanting to open a branch in Nis, Serbia, so feel free to direct your inquiries to our team.

Can I establish a subsidiary in Nis?

Yes, investors have the possibility of establishing subsidiaries in Nis quite rapidly, mentioning again that it is also needed to have in mind the conditions involved. Just like in the case of branches, a declaration mentioning the intention of opening a subsidiary in Nis needs to be made by the foreign company. The registration for VAT, social contributions and Pension Fund are mandatory for subsidiaries in Nis, Serbia. It is good to know that there are no restrictions when it comes to activities of subsidiaries in Serbia, as there is no specific sector in which you cannot start your operations. Also, subsidiaries are independent legal structures and owners can decide on more activities besides the primary ones. Do not hesitate to talk to our local company formation agents in Nis and find out more about the support they can provide for opening a subsidiary in Serbia.

Shelf companies in Nis

Instead of opening a company from scratch, entrepreneurs are interested in purchasing vintage companies that are already registered. Ready-made companies in Nis are already registered, the only thing left to do is to prepare the transferring documents, register for VAT and start doing business. Even though shelf companies have no activities on the market and therefore no debts, it is recommended to ask for company due diligence and make an in-depth company verification before purchasing it. This is how future company owners will know exactly the status of the vintage company they are interested in. Feel free to talk to our company incorporation agents in Nis and ask for support for buying a shelf company in Nis.

Domiciliation in Nis

Investors from abroad can cut the costs for opening a traditional office and instead can purchase virtual office packages comprising different services and features. For instance, a notable business address in Nis, telephone answering and mailing address, dedicated fax services, call redirecting, extra usage of meeting rooms, a professional secretary and collection of bank statements are comprised in a virtual office package available for purchase if you get in touch with one of our company formation representatives in Serbia. Any entrepreneur wanting to start a business in Serbia can direct the attention to our virtual office package and ask for complete details int his matter.

Average company formation costs in Serbia

Investors need to have a complete idea about the costs of opening a company in Nis, Serbia. In this sense, you might want to access our cost estimator and find out more details. Before that, it is good to know that the registration fee for a company in Nis is around RSD 5,000 or EUR 50. The company formation costs are approximately EUR 589 and the accounting costs start from EUR 30 for a firm in Serbia, but for more details in this matter, feel free to talk to our company formation agents in Serbia and ask for a personalized offer.

Details about the economy of Nis

Nis is an important industrialized city with solid connections to the European highways which sustain the flourishing trading activities. Having a well-developed industry and financial services, Nis is not only an appreciated destination for foreign investments but also a reliable and respected financial center with external links to major economic players worldwide. Because Nis is the city where Constantine the Great was born, the tourism sector provides a wide range of business opportunities for locals and foreigners who can easily set up travel agencies. Below we have gathered information, facts, and statistics about the business, the economy and the investments in Serbia, according to Santandertrade, a prestigious publication:
  • USD 4,126 million was the FDI inward flow in Serbia in 2018;
  • Serbia ranks 48th among 190 worldwide economies, as mentioned by the “2019 Doing Business Report”;
  • USD 39.8 million was the FDI stock for 2018 in Serbia;
  • greenfield investments gain terrain in 2018, summing up to around 160 approved projects.
If you want to know more about how companies can be registered in Nis, please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Serbia.

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