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Set up a Pharmaceutical Company in Serbia

Updated on Friday 17th August 2018

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Set-up-a-Pharmaceutical-Company-in-Serbia.jpgBusiness persons from abroad can decide on opening a pharmaceutical company in Serbia by establishing a pharmacy or by producing medicines in this state. Also, you can establish a branch or a subsidiary of a foreign pharmaceutical company. There are many investment opportunities in Serbia’s pharmaceutical sector, as this country competes with international pharmaceutical producers. Regardless of the type of business you wish to introduce on the Serbian market, we invite you to ask for information about how you can open a pharmacy in Serbia from our team of company incorporation agents in Serbia.

How can I open a pharmacy in Serbia?

The pharmaceutical market in Serbia is supervised by the Serbian Drug and Medicaments Agency, the institution that issues the necessary licenses for opening a pharmacy in this country, as a foreign entrepreneur. Also, the Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia that respects the provisions of the Act of Pharmaceutical Society, is the agency that supervises and controls the activities of pharmacists in Serbia. Moreover, the same association offers education and professional information to pharmacists in Serbia. Such type of business can activate on the market under the rules of limited liability company or joint stock companies. Several regulations are linked to the activities of a pharmacy in Serbia:
  • your pharmacy needs to hire experienced pharmacists who graduated in Serbia or have recognized diplomas in this field;
  • you can open a pharmacy to serve hospitals and clinics in Serbia;
  • you cannot sell all types of medication online which requires prescriptions;
  • you can also sell cosmetics and natural products like teas or supplements in your pharmacy in Serbia.
If you are planning to open a pharmacy in Serbia, let our company incorporation representatives in Serbia help you with the registration requirements of your firm.

Labeling rules for your pharmaceutical company in Serbia

Investors who want to produce pills and drugs in Serbia through a pharmaceutical company are required to observe and respect the labeling rules. For instance, the packaging needs to offer information about the active substances of the medication, the quantity, warnings regarding the safety of children, the affections for which the drugs are used, the production and the expiry date. Also, information about the production company needs to be provided on the label. The monitoring agency for medication in Serbia issues the necessary licenses only if all terms and conditions are respected, including the ones linked to the medication labels.
Please feel free to contact our company formation representatives in Serbia if you would like to open a pharmaceutical company in Serbia and need information and assistance.

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The team from CompanyFormationSerbia.com is very qualified and benefits from extensive expertise in this area. I would definitely recommend them to any entrepreneur decided to start his own business here.

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