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Liaison Office in Serbia

Updated on Saturday 10th December 2022

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Liaison-Office-in-Serbia.jpgEstablishing a business in Serbia and operating on the market as a foreign company may happen in different ways: as a branch, as a subsidiary, or as a representative office. The latter one is also known as a liaison office and it cat be set up in Serbia with in-depth assistance offered by our team of company formation agents in Serbia. The liaison office in Serbia can be your communication channel as a foreign enterprise with potential customers in Serbia.

How a liaison office works in Serbia

A liaison office is a connection between the parent company and the business registered in Serbia but under particular conditions. As mentioned above, this is also known as a representative office which is subject to a business address and a local agent to deal with the aspects of your firm in Serbia. Among the actions and activities of a liaison office, we mention the following:
•    it cannot operate financial transactions;
•    it is subject to marketing activities;
•    it is the method of promoting the business activities in Serbia.
Your local representative in Serbia will deal with the operations above and will act on behalf of your company in front of potential clients. One must know that our company formation specialists in Serbia are at your disposal with support and information in this sense and can explain the importance of having a representative for your firm. Likewise, the company formation in Serbia is less bureaucratic in order to help foreign entrepreneurs set up their operations in a fast manner.

Registering the liaison office in Serbia

The registration of the liaison office starts with the Serbia Business Registers Agency and the documents submitted to this authority. Please observe the following documents for opening and registering your liaison office in Serbia:
•    the Articles of Association of the parent company interested in opening a representative office in Serbia;
•    the certificate mentioning that the parent company is a taxpayer in the home country;
•    details about the business office in Serbia;
•    information about your representative for the liaison office in Serbia;
•    information about the business you want to promote in Serbia.
Knowing the business environment and discovering the opportunities in this field as a foreign entrepreneur or as a representative of a large company from abroad may start with a liaison office before placing the activities on the Serbia market as a subsidiary or a branch.
Do you want to start a company? You should also consider the services offered by our accountants in Serbia. Our specialists can deal with bookkeeping, payroll, audits, preparation, and submission of annual financial statements. There are a number of procedures that must be implemented for the smooth running of the business, from a financial point of view. We invite you. therefore, contact our specialists.

Who can establish a liaison office in Serbia?

Company owners from overseas who want to test the business climate in Serbia before starting the operations have the possibility of opening a liaison office or a representative office. This is a great solution and an alternative for businesspersons who want to avoid the formalities of opening a company from scratch in Serbia. A liaison office helps an entrepreneur make an idea about the business and activities that are most successful on the market, and if their operations are doable. The business climate is in a continuous expansion, so investors need to be sure there are no risks when developing their activities. This is another reason to consider a liaison office in Serbia.

Suitability of a liaison office in Serbia

If you have any doubts about the advantages of a liaison office in Serbia, we would like to highlight the fact that the parent company can be well presented with the help of a liaison office. Many business contacts can be established with the help of this structure, and potential clients and collaborators can have a clear picture of the services and products you wish to introduce on the market. A series of promotional and marketing activities can be properly created and implemented with the help of a liaison office in Serbia before actually starting the activities. Most entrepreneurs rely on the results offered by a liaison office with marketing operations in Serbia because this is a suitable way to understand if future activities can be introduced or not. 
Limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, partnerships, branches, and subsidiaries can be rapidly registered in Serbia, tailored to the needs of foreign entrepreneurs. If you believe it is time to move on from a liaison office to another type of business structure, we suggest you discuss all the alternatives and formalities with one of our company formation agents in Serbia.

What is a liaison officer and how he/she can help you in Serbia?

A liaison officer will be in charge of the relation and communication between the parent company and the representative office in Serbia. Moreover, the same liaison officer will get in touch with the potential customers and collaborators in Serbia, and then gather information before presenting in front of business owners.
In this direction, a correct and doable marketing and promotion plan will play a great role, if created by the liaison officer in charge of the business promotion in Serbia. Those interested in registering a liaison office in Serbia are invited to discuss all the details with our specialists in the field. We are here to help foreign investors implement their operations, in a suitable and reliable manner, on the Serbian market.

Making investments in Serbia

Serbia is a country that offers many business opportunities in most sectors of interest. The Serbian government has focused heavily in recent years on simplifying the company registration formalities, but also on encouraging foreign investors to turn their attention to Serbia from a business perspective, introducing a number of advantageous incentives.
In addition to these significant aspects mentioned above, we can add that foreign investors can rely on an experienced, multilingual workforce ready to cover different sectors of the business environment. The production sector, textiles, tourism, agriculture, wood, and plastics production, food, and beverages are some of the most prolific sectors in which foreign investors can turn their attention to Serbia. Here are some interesting statistics about Serbia's economy and business direction:
  1. In matters of total FDIs in Serbia in 2019, more than USD 43 billion were registered.
  2. The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Serbia 44th out of 190 worldwide economies, in terms of ease of doing business and formalities implicated.
  3. Serbia offers a great tax system. For instance, the corporate income tax is set at a 10% rate and represents one of the lowest within the EU countries.
  4. International entrepreneurs can receive different financial encouragements, ranging from EUR 2,000 to EUR 10,000 for new jobs created.
  5. Most foreign investments in Serbia are absorbed by the manufacturing sector, the most generous in terms of profits.
If you want to know more about how liaison offices run in Serbia, please feel free to contact our Serbian team of company incorporation consultants.

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