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Serbian Business Registers Agency

Updated on Tuesday 26th June 2018

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According to recent statistics and surveys, Serbia has an improved and extremely appealing business climate to foreign investors who are looking for expanding the operations in this part of Europe. The cost-effectiveness at the time of company formation in Serbia, with an attractive tax structure among many others, make entrepreneurs decide for investments on short or long-term. Any type of company can be formed in compliance with the rules of the Serbian Business Registers Agency and also with the applicable legislation. Our company formation specialists in Serbia can offer complete assistance to foreigners interested in setting up companies in Serbia in varied industries.

What is the Serbian Business Registers Agency?


The willing of centralizing all the data from the previous registers led to one unitary Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) founded in 2005. The agency was established in Serbia with the government’s help and also support from the World Bank, Microsoft, and USAID. The administrative sector became friendlier for the public and the budget was not affected at all since all the funds came from the registration fees (not changed from the first day the Register was founded). The founding of the Serbian Business Registers Agency was a result of the reforms implemented by the local government in the area of business registration and a registration system for financial leasing and pledge rights on movable assets. The main purposes of the Serbian Business Registers Agency are:
  • •    to facilitate the setting up and closing of Serbian companies;
  • •    to improve the business environment for larger foreign investments;
  • •    to prepare the necessary bureaucratic conditions for generating new jobs;
  • •    reducing administrative obstacles to doing business in Serbia.

Our consultants in company registration in Serbia can give you extensive information about the Serbian Business Registers Agency and the related activities.


Types of companies in Serbia

Foreign investors in Serbia can set up limited liability companies (private or public), open or closed joint stock companies, limited or general partnerships or can act as sole traders in this country. Usually, the limited liability company is the most popular business structure in Serbia, considering the fast incorporation and the less bureaucracy for such type of firm. Regardless of the type of company you want to register in Serbia, our team of advisors is at your disposal with in-depth support and information.


How can a company be registered with the Serbian Registers Agency?


A company must register at the Serbian Business Registers Agency the following elements:
  • the name of the company, the address and the date of incorporation;
  • the legal type, the description of the company, and the number of the bank account;
  • the name of the company’s representative, and the proof of payment of the share capital;
  • the registration number, the tax number and the data of the reserved name;
  • the annual financial statements and the date of company liquidation.


If available, the following data can also be registered: the foreign name of the company, the company time of operating (if it’s open temporally), the short name and the foreign short name of the company, company’s email address, fax number, phone number, and website. 


Who can register the company in Serbia?


A company can be registered with the Serbian Registers Agency by the founder or its representative by depositing documents such as:
  • the proof of the registration tax payment, the founder’s ID, 
  • the articles of incorporation, the bank certificate (if available),
  • the decision of appointing the company’s representative.
These are the basic information a company must report no matter what type of entity an investor wants to open. If a partnership is registered, it is also necessary to record the Contract of Association signed by the partners. For a foreign subsidiary, the registration tax payment is also required along with other documents such as: a translation of the company registration certificate of the parent company, statement of account from the parent’s company bank, the proof that the founder takes responsibility for the branch’s actions, signature of the branch’s representative.


Information offered by the Serbian Business Registers Agency


The Serbian Business Registers Agency operates as a single, centralized and public electronic database. It contains relevant information about all aspects related to doing business in Serbia, like the ones about:
•    companies;
•    entrepreneurs (sole traders);
•    financial leasing contracts;
•    pledges;
•    associations operating within the country;
•    foreign associations;
•    representative offices of foreign endowments and foundations;
•    information about construction permits;
•    sporting associations, business companies, and sports federations;
•    chambers of commerce;
•    temporary restrictions on rights of entities;
•    bankruptcy estates;
•    bidders and injunctions.
Our experts in company formation in Serbia can tell you more about the information available at the Serbian Business Registers Agency.


Can I register a foundation at the SRBA?

Yes, nationals and foreigners can register their foundations with the Serbian Business Registers Agency, in respect with the conditions imposed for these entities. We remind that charities in Serbia benefit from a particular tax structure and other related advantages.


How to check the information from the Serbian Registers Agency


If a company wants to obtain a copy of the registration, it needs to fill out an application and pay a fee in order to receive it. The certificate date may be found also in electronic format. The taxes that need to be paid for this service are established according to the complexity of the required data.
If you need more information about Serbian Business Registers Agency and its responsibilities, you may contact our company incorporation agents in Serbia.



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