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Open a Bank Account in Serbia

Updated on Thursday 19th May 2022

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Open a Bank Account in Serbia.jpgBank accounts in Serbia serve to varied financial transactions, whether made in a company of by a natural person. This means that there are two types of bank accounts: the one linked to a company and the one used by any citizen living in Serbia. The requirements for opening a bank account in Serbia might be complex for some persons, therefore, you can benefit from complete support in this matter if you talk to one of our company formation agents in Serbia. Our team can also handle the registration process of a company in Serbia.
 Quick Facts  
Who can open a bank account in Serbia? Both residents and non-residents, whether natural persons or entities 

 Formalities to open a bank account

- employment contract for natural persons,

- company documents for legal persons

Required documents 

- Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation for companies,

- copies of personal identification documents in case of natural persons

Types of bank accounts

- saving accounts,

- checking accounts,

- investment accounts,

- retirement accounts

 Debit or credit card issued with a bank account

Yes, depending on the financial purposes you have in Serbia.

 Cash deposit to open a bank account 

Some banks might impose a cash deposit for natural persons' accounts

Fees to open a bank account in Serbia 

Depending on the bank

Banking services offered (YES/NO)


Possibility to open a bank account online (YES/NO)


Possibility to pay online the utility bills (YES/NO) Yes 
Overseas money transfers accepted (YES/NO) 


Formalities for student bank account

Proof of courses or letter from the university in Serbia

Loans option available (YES/NO)


 Offshore bank accounts

Yes, but subject to specific conditions

We provide support for opening a bank account in Serbia (YES/NO) Yes


How do I open a bank account for my company in Serbia in 2022?

First of all, it is important to know that opening a bank account in Serbia in 2022 is part of the registration and incorporation process of a company in Serbia. This is an important requirement that can be handled by one of our agents, as soon as you decide on the financial institution you wish to work with. Here are some simple steps to consider for opening a bank account in Serbia:
  1. First of all, you should verify the bank institutions and their offers for businesses in Serbia.
  2. If you cannot travel to Serbia, you can appoint one of our consultants with a power of attorney to help you open a bank account.
  3. Copies of the company’s main documents are solicited by the bank.
  4. Specific forms provided by the bank need to be completed.
All banks and financial institutions in Serbia are overseen and regulated by the National Bank of Serbia, in respect to the Banking Law. Those wanting to open a corporate bank account in 2022 in Serbia should solicit assistance and guidance from our team of company formation representatives in Serbia.

A bank account for natural persons in Serbia

Foreign citizens in Serbia can easily open a bank account if they respect all the conditions imposed. First of all, foreigners in Serbia will have to provide information about their residency in this country, meaning that they must be registered with the local authorities. The bank will solicit personal information, such as nationality, source of funds (if deposits will be made), and will provide a specific form as part of a bank account application. Information about the services provided will be presented at the time a person solicits a bank account in Serbia. There are no complex formalities for opening a bank account as a foreigner in Serbia, but if you would like to skip this process, you can address to one of our specialists for support and guidance.

Can I open a bank account from abroad?

Yes, foreigners can open bank accounts in Serbia without having to travel to this country. It is a simple process that starts online, on the bank’s official website. Some cases require your signature, but if it cannot be provided online, some financial institutions might oblige you to sign the documents in person. Nevertheless, support in this matter can be offered by our company formation agents in Serbia, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. They can also help you register a company in Serbia.

Bank services in Serbia in 2022

All financial institutions in Serbia offer complete internet banking services to ease most of the financial transactions, for both companies and natural persons. Verifying the funds and the transactions can be made online, with the help of the platforms and applications provided by the bank. In the case of companies, specific banks in Serbia are involved in different financial programs to sustain young entrepreneurs and startups in this country. There is are restrictions for currencies in Serbia, meaning that different transactions can be made without any problems. Withdrawal limits, financial advice, investment fund support, asset management are among the bank products and services that can be offered. Foreign and local entrepreneurs can benefit from a wide range of banking services in 2022, tailored to their business needs. If you need guidance in this matter, do not hesitate to talk to us.

Making investments in Serbia

Serbia is a great business destination for international entrepreneurs looking for profits in this part of Europe, in a constant and valued environment. The business opportunities are huge in this country, in sectors like manufacturing, automotive, tourism, FMCG, or IT & communication. Foreign investors normally analyze a market before making investments, and the following facts and figures can simplify the investment decision in Serbia:
  • Approximately USD 40,000 million was the total FDI stock registered in Serbia in 2018.
  • Greenfield investments continue to develop and to attract investors. Around 107 projects were registered in 2018.
  • 70% of the foreign investments in Serbia come from EU countries.
  • 28% of the total FDI in Serbia in 2018 was directed to the manufacturing industry.
If you need help with opening a bank account in Serbia, feel free to contact us. Our company formation agents in Serbia can also help you start a company in Serbia.

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