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Serbian Legislation Related to Foreign Investments

Updated on Tuesday 13th March 2018

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Serbian-Legislation-Related-to-Foreign-Investments.jpgSerbia sustains the foreign investments in the country and foreigners interested in placing the activities in the flourishing and appreciated industries through all sorts of encouragements in compliance with the Commercial Code and the Companies Act. It is good to know that both nationals and foreigners have equal rights and can benefit from the same advantages when it comes to foreign direct investments. In order to ease the company formation process in Serbia, we invite you to talk to our specialists in company incorporation in Serbia who can offer complete assistance.

Provisions of the Foreign Investment Law in Serbia

The Serbian Investment Act was enforced in 2015 to help foreign entrepreneurs understand better the rules and regulation of the business environment. In this sense, it is good to know that the direct investments are seen as concrete assets of a company running in a wide range of industries. The foreign investments in Serbia can be placed by forming a company or buying shares in an already established business. Both ways involve nationals and foreigners interested in foreign investments in Serbia. One should know that such investments are made through legal contracts in respect to the local legislation.
If you want to know more about how companies can be registered in Serbia, you may address your inquiries to our company incorporation agents in Serbia.

Types of investments in Serbia

Nationals and foreigners can place their investments with the help of varied tools, such as:
•    securities;
•    convertible foreign currencies;
•    assets;
•    property rights;
•    non-monetary investments.
Entrepreneurs who want to invest in Serbia are protected by applicable legislation and have the same entitlements as nationals, meaning that they benefit from the same duties and conditions when opening a company or buying shares. From an accounting point of view, foreign companies in Serbia are obliged to keep the records of each financial operation and related matters. One should bear in mind that when opening an investment fund, the tax regime and the exemptions are the same as for the nationals who set up the same investment funds.
If you want to know complete information about the Serbian legislation related to foreign investments, please feel free to contact our team of company formation agents in Serbia at any time.


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